Just a Week to Go in 2014 Session

Chamber town hall

It's hard to believe, but our 2014 regular legislative session is nearly over. On April 26, we held our last town hall meeting of the session at the Boulder Chamber of Commerce (pictured above), with Chamber President/CEO John Tayer facilitating an informative discussion with me and Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Rep. KC Becker and about 50 attendees.

The actual session must end by May 7, and we will spend our last week hustling to get as much work on legislation done as possible. This year, I am the prime Senate sponsor of 17 bills, and as of April 29 nine of them have been signed into law or have passed both the House and Senate. They are:


SENATE BILL 14-011: Provides two years of funding for grants used to attract matching funds through the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory, a research partnership between CU-Boulder, CSU, Colorado School of Mines, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

SENATE BILL 14-049: Increases penalties for metal theft at public utility sites, when the crime creates situations that can lead to safety hazards.

SENATE BILL 14-156: Requires businesses in the newly established category of Public Benefit Corporations to file an annual report.

SENATE BILL 14-183: Extends the allowable length in time for business incentive arrangements from 10 years to 35 years.

HOUSE BILL 14-1011: Moves up the timeline for appropriations of grants for Advanced Industries commercialization projects.

HOUSE BILL 14-1014: Creates modifications to our existing Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit program.


HOUSE BILL 14-1163: Clarifies the allowable use of a $750,000 cap on enterprise zone tax credits.

HOUSE BILL 14-1293: Appropriates payments for expenses of the Colorado legislative department and youth advisory council cash fund.

SENATE BILL 14-119: Removes criminal penalties for a specific and limited number of lobbying practices.

As always, you can read any bill in full on the General Assembly Web site, www.leg.state.co.us. Even though there is relatively little time left in the legislative session, there is still time to pass along your thoughts on this year's legislation.


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