Two Bills Signed Into Law, More To Come

Colorado Heights Students

After speaking to a group of International Business students from Colorado Heights University, March 2014

As of Wednesday, April 2, the Colorado Senate was in the middle of "budget week." During this week, we evaluate and possibly offer amendments to the "Long Bill," (HB 14-1336) which will outline our state budget for FY 2014-15 when it is signed into law. Once the budget bill is complete and we have a clearer picture of which budget items can receive funding, we will then go to work on a list of bills that are still on the table.

To date, two bills that I am the prime Senate sponsor of have been signed into law. They are:

* HB 14-1293, which appropriates payments for expenses of the Colorado legislative department and the youth advisory council cash fund.

* HB 14-1163, which clarifies rules surrounding a $750,000 cap on enterprise zone tax credits that we adopted in 2013.

So far, I am the prime Senate sponsor of 15 bills in 2014. Some of them involve fiscal considerations, so they have been held in committee while we work on finalizing the budget. We will have a fair amount of work to do the rest of the way, but we are on track to complete a productive session by May 7, the last allowable day of our 120-day regular session.

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