Flooding: Pulling Together as Individuals and Organizations

As we all know, large areas of Colorado, including but by no means limited to Boulder County, have suffered extreme damage as a result of our recent torrential rains. This event has been both tragic and heartbreaking on personal levels, with property and infrastructure damage reaching levels unheard of in Colorado. Please accept my heartfelt best wishes if you are among the people who have been impacted.

Flood Muck in Boulder

However, nothing can reverse the catastrophic events that just happened, and we have absolutely no choice but to get to work and fix as much as we can. In this case, we'll need our best efforts at both the individual and societal levels. It is truly up to the individual to take care of what they can when it comes to their own physical well-being, their families and safety/health hazards on their properties, since many government entities and contractors are overwhelmed due to sheer numbers right now. Proper individual action can help reduce the need for services or limit the severity of what those answering the calls for help might need to deal with.

That said, I am heartened by how our organizations and entities have pulled together to help as much as humanly possible. Below, please find a list of Web sites and phone numbers for sources of information and organizations that can provide assistance.

* www.disasterassistance.gov - Visit this FEMA Web site to apply for federal disaster assistance, or call (800) 621-3362

* www.fema.gov/disaster/4145 - Specific FEMA information about this natural disaster.

* www.boulderoem.com - Localized information from Boulder's Office of Emergency Management, or call (303) 413-7730 for the Emergency Operations Center.

* www.COemergency.com - Colorado Office of Emergency Management.

* Disaster Assistance Centers have opened in Boulder at 5495 Arapahoe Avenue, and in Longmont at the Twin Peaks Mall, 1250 South Hover Road.

* (303) 441-1880 - City of Boulder Planning and Development Services Center, for questions related to building repair and rebuilding.

* (303) 441-3930 - Boulder County information on building repair and rebuilding.

* www,HelpColoradoNow.org - A one-stop site for information on how best to help people who have suffered, including via donations or volunteer assistance. 

* www.boulderfloodinfo.net - Localized information about the flood, and a place to sign up to receive regular updates. 

* 911 - Of course, call 911 in case of emergency. 

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help out, and please stay safe!

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