A Productive Session

The 2013 legislative session ended May 8, but Gov. John Hickenlooper had until June 7 to sign or veto bills that passed the House and Senate. Now that the Governor's deadline has passed, I'm proud to report that 22 of the bills I sponsored during the session have been signed into law, and roughly 440 total bills were signed this year.

Bill signing SB-213

We had a very productive session, but the number of bills signed is secondary to the scope and quality of the legislation when it comes to judging productivity. The picture above is from the bill signing ceremony for one bill of tremendous scope and quality, Senate Bill 13-213, which would result in a major revamp of the state's School Finance structure if voters approve a ballot measure to fund the improvements.

Implementing SB-213 would improve overall funding for our P-12 system, allow more young Coloradans to attend preschool and full-day kindergarten, provide greater equity in funding between urban and rural school districts, and address achievement gaps. The School Finance team spent more than two years working on what eventually became SB-213, and legislators proposed a number of good amendments during the 2013 session that became part of the final version. 

To learn more about my involvement in the session, I'd highly recommend clicking this link to download my end-of-session newsletter. Or, visit the "Rollie's Bills" section of this Web site. Also, all bills introduced during the session can be read in full on the Colorado General Assembly Web site, www.leg.state.co.us. 

As always, thanks for your involvement and interest in our system of government. Now that this session is over, preparation for the next session begins. Please feel free to pass along your thoughts and ideas for creating a better Colorado, and I hope you have a wonderful summer! 

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