Signing Deadline Passes: Six 2012 Bills Become Law

Gov. John Hickenlooper's June 8 bill signing deadline has passed, and six pieces of legislation that I was the prime Senate sponsor of in 2012 earned the Governor's approval. 

* Senate Bill 12-164 was designed to help our state integrate data and oversight pertaining to our private institutions of higher education. For example, it called for the state to create regulations around authorizations and revokations of private institutions, and for institutions that cease operations to turn records over to the state. The text of this bill was combined into House Bill 12-1155 near the end of the regular session, and 1155 was signed into law (see below).

Gov. Hickenlooper signs HB-1155

Gov. John Hickenlooper signs HB 12-1155, June 4, 2012

* Senate Bill 12-155 set rules and timelines regarding the viewing of voted ballots as open records under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). The text of this bill was combined into HB 12-1036 near the end of the session, and 1036 was signed into law.

* House Bill 12-1162 authorized the creation of special license plates for veterans of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield.

* House Bill 12-1292 was considered an "election law cleanup" bill that amended several sections of election law. For example, it allows voters to pick up mail ballots in person after printing but before mailing, and it allows voters to mail in change of address forms. 

* House Bill 12-1241 authorized the establishment of an Enterprise Zone Task Force to study Colorado's system of enterprise zone credits. The task force will write a report for the General Assembly, and enterprise zone designations will be reviewed periodically after the task force completes its report.

* House Bill 12-1270 increased the dollar amount of alcoholic beverages that a vendor can purchase from retailers from $500 annually to $2,000.

It wasn't always easy to get bills passed this year, but Gov. Hickenlooper signed 305 bills in 2012, and I believe the session was productive. For more information about my perspective on the session, click here to read my 2012 end-of-session newsletter

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