Just Hours Left in the 2012 Session

The seconds are ticking away in the 2012 legislative session, as we must complete our business in the House and Senate by the end of Wednesday, May 9. As of Tuesday afternoon, one of the bills I sponsored has been signed into law while six others have a chance of earning Governor John Hickenlooper's signature. Of course, the status of the bills I'm listing below can change at a moment's notice, and those who are interested can follow bill progress at www.leg.state.co.us.

Sen. Rollie Heath in the State Affairs committee

  • Senate Bill 155: This bill would set standards for how and when ballots may be observed as open records under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). The bill has passed a Senate third reading.
  • Senate Bill 164: SB-164 would make several statutory changes regarding authorizations, procedures and recordkeeping for private institutions of higher education in Colorado. It has passed a Senate third reading and has been scheduled to be heard on the House floor.
  • House Bill 1162: The bill authorizes creation of special license plates for veterans of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. HB-1162 was signed into law on May 3.
  • House Bill 1241: HB-1241 would authorize creation of a new enterprise zone review task force, to study the economic effectiveness of enterprise zone designations and report its findings to the General Assembly. The bill has passed a House third reading and a Senate third reading.
  • House Bill 1267: HB-1267 partially pertains to registered voters classified as "Inactive-Failed to Vote," or voters who have not voted in at least one even-year general election. This bill would reclassify those voters as "Active," and those who signed up to automatically receive mail ballots would have ballots delivered to them. HB-1267 has passed a House third reading and a Senate third reading, but it was amended in the Senate so it will need to go back to the House.
  • House Bill 1270: The bill would increase the limit of alcoholic beverages that a licensed vendor (bar, restaurant, etc.) could purchase from retailers rather than wholesalers. HB-1270 has passed the House and the Senate, but it was amended in the Senate and the House has concurred with the amendments.
  • House Bill 1292: HB-1292 would make a number of statutory changes to election laws, such as adding tribal IDs to a list of acceptable IDs, allowing electors to mail in change of address applications and others. The bill has passed a House third reading and a Senate third reading.

The pace here at the Capitol has been unbelievable between committee hearings, work on the floor and negotiations regarding the finer points of legislation. Still, it's been enjoyable and I believe we'll pass some good bills by Wednesday evening. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's legislative process, and I'm looking forward to what the summer has in store!

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