Town Hall April 28, Two Weeks Left in 2012 Session

It's hard to believe, but we have just slightly more than two weeks left in our 2012 legislative session, and it's almost time for my final town hall meeting before the session ends. The meeting will be held Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 a.m. until noon, in the City Council Chambers of the Boulder Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway. We'll have Lee Kemp and John Tayer, respectively the Chair and First Vice Chair of the RTD Board of Directors, on hand as guest speakers for this free meeting.

The RTD Board recently voted against seeking a tax increase in 2012 to fund accelerated completion of its FasTracks mass transit project. Kemp and Tayer will be able to speak about this decision and provide information about possible considerations regarding the future of FasTracks on Saturday. Also, I'll speak about many important state issues - including legislation that we must pass by at least the last day of session, May 9, if it is to become law this year.

Rollie Heath on the Senate floor

As of April 26, a number of bills that I am sponsoring this year have passed the Senate, the House or both chambers. Here is a brief listing of those bills along with their status. Please understand that the bill status can change rapidly at this time of year, and you can read any bill you're interested in on the General Assembly Web site,

  • Senate Bill 144 would direct the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade to develop strategies and form working groups geared toward facilitating growth in Colorado's key industries. The bill has passed a Senate third reading.
  • Senate Bill 164 would make a number of changes to statutes regarding the authorization of private colleges, universities, bible colleges and seminaries in Colorado. The bill has passed a Senate third reading.
  • House Bill 1162 would authorize creation of special license plates for veterans of Operation Desert Storm. The bill has passed both House and Senate third readings.
  • House Bill 1241 would create an enterprise zone task force to review the effectiveness of our enterprise zone system and periodically review enterprise zone designations. The bill has passed a House third reading and is on the Senate floor.
  • House Bill 1270 would increase the annual allowable amount of alcoholic beverages, by dollar value, that licensed vendors could purchase from beverage retailers rather than wholesalers. It has passed both House and Senate third readings.
  • House Bill 1292 is considered an "election law cleanup" bill that would amend a number of statutes in our existing set of election laws. The bill has passed a House third reading and is on the Senate floor.

Bills that pass both the House and Senate by May 9 will be sent to the Governor's desk, where he can decide to sign them into law or veto them. It is always an honor to have a sponsored bill signed into law, and I'm looking forward to attending at least a few bill signing ceremonies once this session has ended.

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