Running for Reelection

It's official. I've decided to run for another four-year term in the Colorado Senate, and I will stand for reelection as your senator from District 18 in 2012.

We kicked off the campaign with an enjoyable gathering on Nov. 30 at the home of Vermilion, a prominent design and marketing firm in Boulder. I decided to hold the kickoff at a business location to help highlight my commitment to rebuilding Colorado's economy - a vital task but hardly the only challenge we face this year and in years to come.

Sen. Heath speaking at Boulder Chamber

I've long believed that our state must address its substandard support for public education. The recent Denver District Court ruling on the Lobato case, saying that the state does not meet its constitutional obligation to provide a "thorough and uniform" system of education, drove home the point that we must do a better job for our kids. 

With a presidential election coming, we must make sure that every eligible elector maintains his or her right to cast a ballot. Furthermore, we must make sure the choices made on that ballot count exactly as the voter intended, and that Coloradans have complete trust in their election systems.

While our challenges are indeed daunting, finding solutions can make life in Colorado better for its more than 5 million residents. Imagine a state in which all of its residents have access to health care. Picture a state that has a comprehensive and safe transportation system that minimizes congestion and maximizes options. Take your pick of other big issues - environmental protection, constitutional reform, civil rights, public safety and more - and most of us can envision ways to fix problems or build on our strengths.

I've loved living in the area that is now District 18 for more than 40 years, and I care deeply about Colorado and its future. I believe my record shows that I'm willing and able to make a difference as a legislator, and I'm looking forward to hopefully earning four more years in the Senate so I can continue working with constituents and colleagues on the issues that matter to all of us.

Let's keep in touch, because your input can be invaluable. The 2012 legislative session begins Jan. 11, and we're all gearing up for what promises to be a very exciting 120 days at the Capitol!

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